Explore the 自然历史博物馆 & 科学


恐龙大厅 功能不可思议, awe-inspiring specimens you won’t find anywhere else and utilizes our globally-significant fossil collections to explore dinosaur evolution, 生态学与生物学.

科学 Interactives Gallery

Ever wondered how a tornado forms, how you can lift your weight or what happens when push comes to pull? Find out in the new 科学 Interactives Gallery, and try your hand at experiments for all ages! 的 科学 Interactives is now open in the 自然历史博物馆 & 科学.

奥斯汀E. 伟达公关

加入 us every day as we bring science to life! 科学的生活! Stage Shows explore scientific concepts such as electricity, chemistry and physics in easily understandable (and often explosive) ways.


In 洞穴, guests can pick their adventure: choose between beginner and advanced expeditions and feel the chill as you dip below ground and follow the flow of water as it carves formations through 500 feet of twists and turns!


尼尔·阿姆斯特朗空间 探索画廊,由哈罗德C. Schott Foundation, celebrates the legacy of the historic Apollo 11 mission. This exhibit features a 360° theater experience and artifacts that can only be seen in Cincinnati!


Come face-to-face with a mastodon, giant sloth and dire wolves as you explore Pleistocene Cincinnati through an ice cave and immersive trail.

约翰一. 和朱迪·鲁斯温

占地2万英亩的理查德 & Lucile Durrell Edge of Appalachia Preserve System comes to the 听到t of Cincinnati as you see, 听到, touch and smell the wild world around you.


Built on the strength of our world-renowned fossil collection, this gallery will take you through over 150 million years of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky’s exciting geologic past.

大脑 & 脊柱(2024年夏季开放)

Discover how Cincinnati innovates, meet health care providers and the patients they serve. Through hands-on and digital experiences, 发现身体如何运作, and the innovations and interventions we rely on when they don't. Explore the factors that contribute to overall wellness in Cincinnati-area communities. 由Mayfield 大脑介绍 & 脊柱.


开始学习STEM, or go deeper than you have time for in school, by visiting the museum's 干细胞实验室.


Just thirty years after the founding of Cincinnati, physician and scientist Daniel Drake founded the Western Museum in 1818 and hired naturalist John James Audubon as its first employee. In 1835 Drake established the Western Academy of Natural 科学s, incorporating the collections of the Western Museum. After the Civil War, this organization evolved into the Cincinnati Society of Natural 历史. 的 Society continued to grow in sophistication, adding to its collections and expanding its staff.

After nearly a century as a tenant in various downtown buildings, the museum moved into its own home on Gilbert Avenue in Eden Park in 1958. Here it distinguished itself by creating a widely-adopted educational program where hundreds of museum exhibit cases rotated through the Cincinnati public school system, reaching thousands of students weekly in their classrooms. Attendance and membership continued to grow until the museum moved to 结合终端 in 1990. Today it attracts more than 1.每年有500万游客.